Christmas Card

hp photosmart 720

I am doing better, but I have to stay in a recliner with my leg up.  This doesn’t give me the freedom to be very creative.  Since I wanted to post a card, this is one of the 8 for $10.00 Card kit.  It features the pine branch die from Impression Obsession and the ornament and Merry Christmas dies from Elizabeth Crafts.  The ornament background is cut from white glitter paper, and the overlay is cut from gold mirror paper.  And, don’t  forget to check the FaceBook page.  There’s a link on the home page of the blog.



I’m Back in the Store

Finally, I got sprung this morning!!!  I’m in the store checking everything out.  Rich has done a great job filling in for me.  So come in and say hi and check out the new dies from Impression Obsession, Taylored Expressions, and Cottage Cutz.  I’ll be in the store until 3:00.

More Info

Since I have received so many emails asking about the bite, etc., I thought I had better explain.  Sometime the middle of last week, I got bitten by something, probably a spider since I haven’t been in the yard.  I didn’t feel it, so I don’t know exactly when.  Thursday morning in the shower I discovered my right leg was quite red.  I had had this happen 10 years ago, so I knew to go to the ER right away.  This was quite advanced, so I was admitted and started on IV antibiotics.  I’ve had enough that if that bug bit me now, it would die.  It started to improve pretty quickly, but it had such a head start, that it’s taking awhile.  What the leg developed was cellulitis, and if you want to know more, check it out on Google.  I haven’t been out of the room since I came, and I’m up only to use the bathroom.  This really can become quite serious.  We have it on the run and I will be able to be in the store (at least part time) while finishing my recovery.  Some of you asked what kind of bug bit me.  It isn’t the bug, it’s the bacteria the bug is carrying when it bites.  Usually, these infections seem to be either staph or strep.  They were sure almost right away that it wasn’t staph.  I hope that this answers at least some of your questions.  Rich has been  doing a great job filling in.  I got my Impression Obsession order Friday, and with my coaching got it priced and out on the shelves.  I got a Hero Arts order in last Wednesday, and he did the same.  There was a second order on Friday that included quite a few dies from Cottage Cutz, and some other companies, and they’re available.  If you’re having withdrawal, stop by, and Rich will be happy to see you.  If you have questions, I’m only a phone call away.  Lets keep him hoppin” .  Thanks for all your good wishes, prayers, and support.  You’re the greatest!


Unfortunately, I haven’t been sprung yet.  I had hopes, but not yet.  However, Rich will continue to “man” the store.  If you have questions for me, the best way to reach me is by email .   When I am out, I won’t be up to full steam for a few weeks,  We’ll keep you informed about the store.  Our plan is to be open regular days, we just may shorten hours.  We’ll see.  Tomorrow will be regular hours, and if you have questions while you’re in the store, just ask Rich to give me a call, and I’ll try to answer them for you.  Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for all your get well wishes

Thanks for all your get well wishes!  I’m hanging in there and hoping I get sprung tomorrow.  The frustrating part is that I have all of this time, and I don’t have my BigShot!  Thanks again for caring.

Elizabeth Crafts Class

hp photosmart 720 hp photosmart 720

These are two cards we did in the Elizabeth Crafts class last week.  These are done with her snowflake stickers and glitter.  Stop by the store to get a better look at these sparkling cards.