Rubber Rewards

If you haven’t joined our Rubber Rewards program, this is an invitation to sign up to start earning free goodies – supplies.  All you have to do is stop in the store, and you will be set up with a card with six boxes on it.  When all of those boxes have been filled with the amount of a purchase, they will be totaled and you will receive 10% of the total to spend in the store on anything you like.  The only purchases that do not count on your card is the sales tax, the Big Shot Die Cutting Machine (since I discount it so heavily), and the Card Kits.

If you’re already a member, here’s a way to get even more rewards:  bring in a friend, who is not already a member, or an out of town visitor or family member (again who is not a member), and you will get her purchase amount added to your card, as well as hers if she joins.  If she chooses not to join, I will add her amount to your card anyway.  This is for visitors who do not have a card in the box.

So to recap, you get your reward when all 6 boxes on the card are filled.  I will total the amount spent and give you a store credit of 10% of the amount.   Spend $100.00 and get a credit of $10.00.

Already a member?  Come in tomorrow, Oct. 1st thru Saturday, Oct. 4th, and I’ll skip 2 boxes so you get your reward even sooner.  Come in next week Monday, Oct. 6th thru Saturday, Oct. 11th and I’ll skip one box.  Either way it makes the Reward come sooner.  And when you come in, please pull your card, so you can see how close your are.  Be sure to call with any questions.


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