Happy New Year!


Happy New Year’s wishes to you all!!  May it be a healthy and happy one for us all.  The store will be open today from 10:00 to 3:00, closed New Year’s Day, and open Saturday, Jan. 2nd from 10:00 to 1:00.


Xpress Die Cutting Machine

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Hey Santa, the Xpress Die Cutting Machines are in stock!  If you have one of these sweet machines on your list, make sure your Santa knows they’re in stock.  I love mine, and I’m hearing the same from others who have one.  Not only is it 9 inches wide, 50% wider than other machines, but as you can see it easily folds up to transport or store.  But the best feature, is the knob you see on the top.  This allows you to adjust the height of the rollers to easily shim or switch between cutting and embossing.  No more restacking plates.  Did I say I’m in love?  However, the numbers of machines is limited, so send Santa in today!

Love the Stitched Frames


I love these Stitched Frames!  They come in the basic shape, circle, square, oval, rectangle, and the above flag shaped.  The good news is that the rectangles, which quite a few of you have asked for, are FINALLY in the store.  They come with three sizes, and I hope you can see that they are “stitched” on both the inside and outside of the shape.  004  This is the rectangle used in the November Free Class.  Stop in the store and see all the new dies and stamps.

December Free Class


If you haven’t signed up for the free class this month, call or email me and we’ll fit it into your schedule.  We’re making these SIX card, including a shaker card and two interactive cards that have been a hit with class attendees.  Don’t forget that two of these cards hold a gift card in a very special way.  Come see what all the fun others have had.  Call the store today!