Rich is being transported to the Pines Rehab this afternoon, so I’m closing for the day.  I will reopen tomorrow at 11:00.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


Class Dates

Please watch for revised class dates.  I hope to get them out very soon.  I had planned to be out of town the last two weeks of April, but now will be here and can teach classes later in the month.  Thanks for your patience, as I try to get my life back to some kind of normal.  Rich is hanging in there, but is reluctant to start doing the work that he is going to need to do, if he is to regain his life.  Please keep praying.  I know that God will heal him, but Rich is going to need to do the work.

Store Closed Tomorrow

Sorry, I didn’t get this up earlier, but I have doctor appointments tomorrow.  I will be open Tuesday from 11 to 3.  Hope that this doesn’t inconvenience anyone.

Store Open

Don’t forget that the store hours are 11 to3 Monday thru Saturday!  An update on Rich.  He is regaining some feeling in his arm and leg.  I spoke with the neurologist this morning, and he said he’s doing well, but doesn’t know if he’ll be able to use his arm and leg.  It’s going to be a long struggle, so Please keep Praying that he’ll be able to walk and function.  Thanks for all your prayers so far, but please don’t stop!


I am overwhelmed by the response to Rich’s stroke.  Thank you for your prayers and caring thoughts, and  I’ll try to keep you up to date.  Currently, he is stable and still in ICU.  Although he may be moved tomorrow.  I know that the progress can be slow and lengthy.  Please keep praying.

Store Hours

Yesterday Rich had a stroke.  He is currently at St. Vincents here in Hot Springs.  While I am optimistic and hopeful, I am going to shorten my hours to 11 to 3 so that I can spend time with him.  As I feel it is possible, I will lengthen them again.  I want to keep the store going, so I appreciate your support and, of course, your prayers for his recovery.  I will be adjusting the April class schedule, since I will not be gone during April as was planned.

Important Notice

The store is closed today due to a family emergency.  Thanks for your understanding.

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